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Policy Overview

This policy documents Fleurieu Exercise Physiology’s commitment to ensuring that personal information collected is dealt with in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012.

Information Collected

Fleurieu Exercise Physiology collects information from an individual for purposes necessary for the function and activities delivered.

When collecting information from an individual it will be done in hand written form from the client or through typed electronic forms sent via email from the client to us. Information provided by an individual to a clinician during consultations may be recorded in clinical notes for the purpose of providing a safe and effective service.

Sensitive information will be treated with the upmost confidentiality and care.

The purpose of collecting any information will be explained to an individual prior to them giving it. Kinds of information collected may include the individuals name, addresses, telephone numbers, email address, date of birth, profession, social status, Medicare or Claim details, medical history, physical activity history, etc.

Should an individual not wish to disclose certain pieces of information this may mean that the service quality or access to services is impacted.

Disclosing Information

We will only disclose your information according to the Privacy Act.
Circumstances which are covered by this include:

To deliver the services and activities of the business which the client would reasonably expect.

If Required by Law

If the person who has provided the information gives their consent to do so, for example contacting another treating health professional working with the individual.

Should information be disclosed or accessed without consent of the client consequences for the individual who breached this policy may include legal ramifications.

Storage of Information

Fleurieu Exercise Physiology staff, both clinical and administration, are required to maintain confidentiality and adhere to this policy.

Information collected is stored in our online practice management software. A secure login and password are required to access this.

Accessing Personal Information

At any time an individual has a right to access their personal information and may do so by request.

At any time an individual my request for their personal information to be corrected and updated.

To request a change email [email protected] and attention to Claire Neylon.


When using a third-party provider for the delivery of phone based or online services, total privacy cannot be guaranteed. Fleurieu Exercise Physiology puts in place the following steps to help to ensure privacy during these services:

• A link to the video consultation will be provided to the client, and where possible, an individualised password will be provided to access the link,

• No other persons will be in the private room with the practitioner while the service is being delivered. If the service moves into an open area (for purpose of an exercise demonstration) the practitioner will inform the client of any other persons in the vicinity.

• The client will also be directed prior to commencing telehealth services, ways in which they can improve their own security and privacy.


If an individual should like to complain about Fleurieu Exercise Physiology’s staff’s privacy management or the a breach of this policy they should initially direct their complaint to [email protected]. Following this should the complaint not be rectified to a satisfactory level the individual may contact The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

Availability of Policy

A copy of this policy can be made available to an individual on request.
Date document was created: 2nd April 2020
Date to be amended: 2nd April 2021