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Exercise Physiology Assessment


Each client undergoes initial assessment by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP). The purpose of this assessment is to gather information regarding your health and physical activity history, discuss goals and identify barriers, and do any necessary assessments to ensure that we come up with a suitable and individualised plan to set you up for success.

Exercise Physiology Individual Sessions

Individual consults guarantee you one on one attention and guidance using the equipment and facilities in the clinic. You will likely have exercises to do from home which we will support you to do and ensure you are staying safe. Progression towards your goals may take time and your Exercise Physiologist will discuss this with you. Individual exercise sessions in clinic are available for people who are wanting regular supervised exercise, accountability and support.


Exercise Physiology Group Sessions

Our small group sessions offer a friendly non-judgemental atmosphere where you can also feel encouraged with personalised guidance regarding your own personal exercise capabilities.


Fleurieu Exercise Physiology small group classes are run in the clinic movement space. All clients in these classes must have at least completed an Initial Assessment and be deemed to be suitable for classes, ie have been educated in their exercise program.

Group class programs are still individualised and classes are supervised so that clients have the support they require.

Other Activities

Heart Foundation Walking Group

Heart Foundation Walking LogoClaire from Fleurieu Exercise Physiology coordinates the
Heart Foundation – Aldinga Esplanade Walkers Group.

This is a great way to extend the benefit of the regular group or individual sessions that you do with us at Fleurieu Exercise Physiology. You do not need to be a client to come to one of our walking sessions. Please register for our group at the Heart Foundation website.

We walk regularly on a Monday morning, meeting in the carpark across the road from Sourc’d Cafe on the Aldinga Esplanade at 8:30am (Walking time approx 50 minutes).

Walking has numerous benefits to our health and well being.
You can read more about why walking is a good thing on the The Heart Foundation Walking Website.

Education Sessions

Claire has run numerous educational talks and workshops locally on topics of exercise and health. Some of these include Falls Prevention, Exercise and Cancer management, Exercise for Chronic Pain. If you would like to enquire about running a workshop or education session please contact us.